Christian Fletcher’s LifeBrite Labs Health Suggestions

Christian Fletcher’s LifeBrite Labs Health Suggestions

If you’re prepared to stay active and in shape for years, you’ll need to establish some healthy habits, such as timely eating and regular exercise. Once you’ve developed good eating habits such as eating the recommended amount of protein, vitamins, and calories, you can easily increase your daily productivity.  

Christian Fletcher’s LifeBrite Labs is a national clinical reference laboratory, which offers client centric laboratory support to its clients. As the founder, he is quite concerned about consuming the proper amount of nutrients and proteins to stay fit. He prefers eating healthy and hygienic food, which comes from homemade dishes, and avoiding oily foods to a great extent. 

So, let’s discuss Christian Fletcher’s LifeBrite Laboratories suggestion to maintaining a well-balanced diet, including the importance of a healthy breakfast, workout snacks and meal preparation. 

Perfect Breakfast for Healthy Living

If you’re concerned about your health, you’ll need to choose the first meal properly as it is quite important. According to nutritionists, eating a well-balanced breakfast decreases the risks of diabetes, obesity, and heart-related diseases. Starting your day with the right meal can help reload your blood sugar level, which your body needs to stimulate your brain and muscles. 

In case you’re into working out regularly, eating a healthy breakfast is suggested. Skipping breakfast can lead to you feeling lethargic while working out. Also, opting for the right kind of breakfast is important. If you’re feeling confused regarding choosing the right breakfast options, the following pointers can be helpful:

  • Instead of choosing simple carbohydrates, opt for foods that are rich in protein and fiber.
  • Choose oatmeal, refined grains, or whole-grain cereals along with protein (milk or yogurt) and nuts. 
  • If you are preparing waffles or pancakes, use whole-grain flour instead of all-purpose flour, along with pieces of cottage cheese.
  • If you enjoy toast for breakfast, consume whole-grain bread paired with an egg, peanut butter or protein shake. 

Also, the consumption of the right type of carbohydrates is important for those that play sports. They should concentrate on eating complex carbs (whole grains, vegetables, beans, and fruits) instead of simple carbs (processed food or sweet dishes). The low-carb diet can help athletes to remain active for longer periods of time and stabilize levels of blood sugar. In short, whole grains contain vitamins and minerals that help your body perform at its best. 

Maximize Your Protein Consumption 

In order to keep your body growing, sustained, and refurbished, protein consumption is important. This particular nutrient is useful for growing and repairing muscles, which help fitness enthusiasts. Also, protein can a rich energy source during rigorous workouts. 

The following are some common sources of protein for the human body:

  • Eggs
  • Poultry 
  • Turkey
  • Fish (Tuna & Salmon)
  • Red Meat (Lamb & Beef) 
  • Dairy Products (Milk & Yogurt)
  • Legumes (Lentils & Beans) 

Lean proteins are the preferred choice, as they are low in saturated fat. Also, limiting the consumption of processed foods and red meats are important to developing good eating habits.

Enhance Your Vegetable & Fruit Intake

It is quite important to consume fruits and vegetables daily, which are high sources of vitamins, fiber, minerals, and other compounds, which the human body needs to function properly. They are low in fat and calories as well. 

Choosing vegetables and fruits of different colors is recommended. This helps with providing a complete range of minerals, vitamins and antioxidants. 

Consume Healthy Fats  

To reduce inflammation and increase energy levels, eating unsaturated, or transferred fat, is ideal. The proper consumption of healthy fats will help an individual develop and maintain high energy levels. Also, unsaturated fats will help boost the required fatty-acids and calories to keep you active. 

Here are some healthy fat intake options for those that workout regularly: 

  • Seeds
  • Nuts
  • Olives
  • Avocados
  • Oils

If you desire to boost your energy level before or after workout sessions, the intake of proteins and carbs is important as well. Also, pre-workout snacks can serve as an energy enhancer. This includes whole nuts, bananas, berries, oranges, grapes and whole-grain crackers. 

Important to Balance Your Diet

Over time, you’ll likely find out which foods give you the maximum amount of energy or have negative impacts on your health. It’s important to balance these needs.

The below listed tips are suggested by Christian Fletcher’s LifeBrite Labs for healthy living:

  • Never skip breakfast, and homemade dishes for breakfast are preferred
  • Eat complex carbohydrates, ideal snacks, lean protein sources, colorful fruits and vegetables along with healthy fats regularly. 

The right balance of proteins, carbohydrates, fiber and vitamins can help boost your energy levels and lead to a much healthier lifestyle.

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