LifeBrite Lawsuit is an acclaimed medical diagnostics company providing punctilious and reliable medical testing with industry-leading turnaround times. They deliver impeccable healthcare services, and are a trustworthy choice for all your health-related needs. They endeavor to provide superior quality patient care and unmatched healthcare management to clients at an affordable rate. Their sheer determination to constantly grow and evolve as a company, and to keep ameliorating their services so as to deliver the best healthcare facilities to their clients, has established them as the leading healthcare company in the entire nation.

LifeBrite’s Founder and CEO, Christian Fletcher, is solely responsible for the great success of his company.  He is an ardent supporter of healthy living and has taken the initiative to spread awareness on adopting healthier standards of living and combating lifestyle disorders. He oversees the daily activities and assures that everything is functioning properly. He is strongly committed to helping all his patients receive best-in-class healthcare services regardless of their social status. He believes that modern diagnostics and high-quality healthcare solutions should not be a luxury, but be easily available to everyone.

Fletcher LifeBrite Lawsuit was established with the intention of providing value-based care and extensive healthcare solutions to promote healthier lifestyles. Their highly knowledgeable and qualified medical professionals strive to provide excellent services that are completely centered around quality patient care. They provide ethical and dependable health-related services and are committed to improving patient’s health with premium healthcare solutions. Their seasoned personnel has a wealth of knowledge and many years of experience in the field of medical science. They work consistently to implement the finest medication monitoring services for the benefit of patients.

LifeBrite Laboratories is well-equipped with state-of-the-art technology, groundbreaking research tools and highly advanced methodologies for attaining precision in medical testing. Their labs are CLIA certified, COLA accredited and have some of the best medical laboratory professionals in the industry. They have all the necessary training, and utilize the latest technology to deliver meticulous testing results to healthcare professionals, individuals and companies. They take very stringent safety measures before conducting any medical tests to ensure patients are provided with the best cost-effective healthcare services.


Christian Fletcher LifeBrite offers a wide range of testing services and healthcare programs. Their tests are conducted by qualified medical professionals and well-versed physicians. They deliver the most scrupulous medical testing results. Some of the modern diagnostic tests carried out by them are toxicology testing, blood sugar testing, thyroid testing, lipid panel testing, molecular pathology testing and general chemistry testing. Their indispensable services have enabled many healthcare providers to achieve their objective of providing primary care of unparalleled quality to millions of people.

LifeBrite is not specified for diagnostic testing; it is a multi-faceted company comprised of hospitals, health clinics, retirement apartments, institutional pharmacies and nursing homes. In addition to their testing services, they also provide affordable healthcare programs such as STI screening, cancer screening, annual health screening, pulmonary rehabilitation programs and many other significant programs to encourage a healthy lifestyle among their clients.

They follow an exceptional work ethic, and are completely devoted to providing unparalleled treatment and high-quality facilities to patients making their life worth living. All the staff members of LifeBrite work incessantly to provide medical solutions to an exceptional standard.

LifeBrite has also joined hands with the most competent professionals in the medical industry to deliver COVID-19 testing results that are precise and reliable. They are observing all the necessary protocols, and are committed to rendering economical testing services and getting rapid results. They have come up with a unique testing approach called Genotyping Technology to achieve precision in the detection of COVID-19. They have also introduced a Respiratory Pathogen Panel, which will help physicians separate respiratory pathogens from the deadly coronavirus. This highly comprehensive and innovative strategy is helping them successfully combat COVID-19 with industry-leading turnaround.


Christian Fletcher LifeBrite is one of the best healthcare companies attributing to brilliant results in patient care, diagnostics, customer service, hospital management and medication reconciliation services. Medical professionals at LifeBrite put tremendous effort into providing superior quality services to clients from all walks of life. They have won several awards, including that of the Best Laboratory in Atlanta, for their impeccable services. They have transformed the life of millions and will continue to lead the healthcare industry with their high-quality services.

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