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Gaze the Types of Tests That Should Be Done to Diagnose Diabetes

Christian Fletcher LifeBrite

Diabetes is one of the most life-threatening diseases that has taken the lives of many around the world. Previously, the lack of testing facilities to diagnose diabetes was one of the main reasons more people had been suffering from this deadly disease. This is the reason Christian Fletcher LifeBrite’s CEO has integrated his laboratory with […]

Things A Diabetic Patient Should Remember to Stay Healthy

Christian Fletcher LifeBrite

Diabetes is one of the most common diseases in the entire world. Lifestyle choices, negligence with proper medical treatment and eating habits are causing the disease to be one of the deadliest for people. Previously people were much more active physically, which reduced the number of toxins present in the system and helped to maintain […]

Tips by Christian Fletcher-LifeBrite’s CEO: How to Stay Healthy & Happy During Covid-19 Quarantine

Life in quarantine has become dull and monotonous. Being restricted at home does not leave much room for activity, whereas going outside exposes you to coronavirus. So, what can one do? Christian Fletcher LifeBrite’s CEO has brought a list of fun and productive activities that you can do with your loved ones in quarantine. Being […]

5 Perks of Eating Healthy: Tips from Christian Fletcher, Your Healthcare Leader

Who doesn’t want to stay healthy? It’s a basic concept in life to achieve the illimitable things. But, what’s the first step to achieving a healthy lifestyle? Well, it’s our diet plan.  Our body is made of what we eat, therefore a healthy diet is the first thing to consider before opting for anything else. […]