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Christian Fletcher Explains the Things to Consider to Live A Disease-Free Life

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It’s important to live healthy to enjoy life to the fullest. Many of today’s lifestyle choices don’t allow people to live healthy, such as smoking, drinking excessively, along with other non-healthy activities. This further leads to a diseased life. People experience life-threatening diseases and spend more of their hard-earned money on treatment. However, this money […]

Importance of Routine Blood Testing at Reliable Laboratories

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It’s important for every human being to conduct routine blood testing to maintain long-term health benefits. Physicians should understand the physical aspects as well to ensure every organ of the body is functioning at its optimal level. Without it, one can never find out the things that go wrong in someone’s body. However, people share […]

Reasons Why Routine Laboratory Testing Is Crucial for Everyone

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The importance of laboratory testing is undeniable. It’s because we can’t update ourselves on the latest happenings inside our body without routine testing. Through laboratory testing, physicians can easily diagnose any ailments, and let us know whether we are suffering from a disease. Sometimes laboratory testing helps our physicians to diagnose a disease, and we […]

Gaze the Range of Exercises Performed by Athletes to Maintain a Healthy Physical Appearance

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As an athlete, you should choose certain types of exercise that can boost your immune system, increase your strength and stamina and improve your overall physical state. So be sure you are not wasting your time on useless exercise. Christian Fletcher LifeBrite’s CEO has long been connected with athletes and explains the healthier lifestyle for […]


LifeBrite Lawsuit is an acclaimed medical diagnostics company providing punctilious and reliable medical testing with industry-leading turnaround times. They deliver impeccable healthcare services, and are a trustworthy choice for all your health-related needs. They endeavor to provide superior quality patient care and unmatched healthcare management to clients at an affordable rate. Their sheer determination to […]

How Christian Fletcher LifeBrite Lab Can Help Healthcare Professionals Survive During the COVID-19 Pandemic

The Covid-19 pandemic has brought the whole world to its knees. Developed and underdeveloped nations are all struggling to cope with the issues being presented. Some nations are experiencing a rising number of cases each passing day. In an exceptional situation like this, Christian Fletcher LifeBrite the national reference laboratory is a beacon of hope. […]

Fletcher LifeBrite: A Step Towards Physical and Mental Well-being!

The most widely discussed topic in this age of technological dependence is well-being. Well-being is attained by having good health, both physically and mentally. You need to consciously feed both your body and mind if you want to become the best version of yourself.  Christian Fletcher, the CEO of Atlanta based LifeBrite Labs, believes that eating right […]

Christian Fletcher’s LifeBrite Labs Health Suggestions

Christian Fletcher’s LifeBrite Labs Health Suggestions

If you’re prepared to stay active and in shape for years, you’ll need to establish some healthy habits, such as timely eating and regular exercise. Once you’ve developed good eating habits such as eating the recommended amount of protein, vitamins, and calories, you can easily increase your daily productivity.   Christian Fletcher’s LifeBrite Labs is a […]