Monthly Archives: July 2020

How Christian Fletcher LifeBrite Lab Can Help Healthcare Professionals Survive During the COVID-19 Pandemic

The Covid-19 pandemic has brought the whole world to its knees. Developed and underdeveloped nations are all struggling to cope with the issues being presented. Some nations are experiencing a rising number of cases each passing day. In an exceptional situation like this, Christian Fletcher LifeBrite the national reference laboratory is a beacon of hope. […]

Tips by Christian Fletcher-LifeBrite’s CEO: How to Stay Healthy & Happy During Covid-19 Quarantine

Life in quarantine has become dull and monotonous. Being restricted at home does not leave much room for activity, whereas going outside exposes you to coronavirus. So, what can one do? Christian Fletcher LifeBrite’s CEO has brought a list of fun and productive activities that you can do with your loved ones in quarantine. Being […]

5 Perks of Eating Healthy: Tips from Christian Fletcher, Your Healthcare Leader

Who doesn’t want to stay healthy? It’s a basic concept in life to achieve the illimitable things. But, what’s the first step to achieving a healthy lifestyle? Well, it’s our diet plan.  Our body is made of what we eat, therefore a healthy diet is the first thing to consider before opting for anything else. […]

Fletcher LifeBrite: A Step Towards Physical and Mental Well-being!

The most widely discussed topic in this age of technological dependence is well-being. Well-being is attained by having good health, both physically and mentally. You need to consciously feed both your body and mind if you want to become the best version of yourself.  Christian Fletcher, the CEO of Atlanta based LifeBrite Labs, believes that eating right […]