Transforming to Value-based Healthcare

Christian Fletcher’s Approach to the Future of Healthcare

We believe patient’s healthcare is adversely affected by inaccurate laboratory results. Aside from the increasing blunder in medical treatment, healthcare expenditure is rising simultaneously to treat adverse drug reactions. To conquer these issues, Christian Fletcher LifeBrite Lab is taking a transformative shift to value-based care. We’re taking every possible measure to enhance the accuracy of lab results. Currently, our specialization includes urine drug testing, oral fluid drug testing, molecular pathology testing, respiratory pathogen testing and blood chemistry testing. To ensure the precision of reporting, we’re constantly integrating our process with cutting-edge technology. Thus, we’ve been voted as the best medical laboratory in Atlanta for four consecutive years.



Pulmonary Rehabilitation Program

LifeBrite community hospital is one of the nation’s leading provider for healthcare solutions. We have introduced a pulmonary rehabilitation program for cardiopulmonary diseased patients. The deadly disease has long been a major cause of suffering for patients. We realize that the main problem people face is a lack of healthcare specialties at their neighboring facilities. Therefore, Fletcher LifeBrite Lab has introduced a pulmonary program to provide quality health care to patients within their locality.


Shift to a Healthy Lifestyle with LifeBrite

Our motto is to provide a healthy lifestyle for each individual. We believe in the term “health is wealth”. LifeBrite’s CEO, Christian, himself is a fitness enthusiast, showing directions to everyone to eat healthily. Unfortunately, there has been a lack of enthusiasm towards adapting to a healthier lifestyle. Therefore, to promote healthy living, we’ve been spreading awareness on global platforms. These exemplary efforts taken by us is to encourage people to adapt to a healthy lifestyle.

Sleep with Ease

There have been growing complaints from patients all around the world regarding sleep deficiency. At LifeBrite, we suggest patients a sleep schedule and effective tips for patients suffering from sleep deficiency. One can boost immunity and conquer a number of diseases by evading this trivial yet significant issue.

Avail Routine Checkups for Cervix

Regular checkups can detect cervical cancer signs at an early stage. Therefore, LifeBrite is offering cervix checkups to assist women in reducing cervical dysplasia, cervical cysts, cervicitis, and risk of polyps. Our routine exam can easily diagnose even a minor change in the physical body.

Improve Overall Health with LifeBrite

We’re a reference laboratory delivering accurate lab results to improve patient’s health. However, when it comes to patient care, we often walk the extra mile by increasing efficiency and turnaround times. Healthcare professionals can expect to receive reliable lab results within 24-48 hours from specimen receipt.